The Mythical Ones

Age-old plants or close to gods' universes, Western and Eastern Gods. As integral parts of founding legends, they symbolize life.


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Available plant species

Any active plant cells of the vegetal species below is available. These are precious, original plants, very inspiring ; some of them offer health properties well known since centuries.

rose root flower in mythical vegetal species

Rose root
Rhodiola rosea

A legendary plant coming from the cold Siberia, very well known for its adaptogenic properties: it is supposed to help to face physical and psychic stress. A choice partner for Soviet athlets and astronautes.

pavot flower in mythical vegetal species

Mexican poppy
Argemone mexicana

A poppy full of mystery, with a magic power. Coming from Central America, the Mexican poppy was used in sacrificial rituals and offered to gods as ‘‘ dead food ’’ in the Aztec civilization. As a medicinal plant with several properties, it is used in many communities of America, Africa and India.
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  • narcisse flower in mythical vegetal speices

    Poet's narcissus
    Narcissus poeticus

    Beauty might be fatal, too much love of oneself can kill. The white flower with a deep fragrance and toxic bulbs, is famous both in Western and Eastern countries. It has become a key essence for prestige perfumes. But in Asia it is also a medicinal plant used in several purposes.
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  • aloe vera in mythical vegetal species

    Aloe vera
    Aloe vera barbadensis

    ‘‘ Elixir of life ’’, ‘‘ Fontain of Youth ’’, a succulent plant both sacred and precious. Its latex and its gel make it a medicinal plant known and used in many Western and Eastern civilizations, since 5000 years. A plant known all over the world.
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  • orchid jacynthe flower in mythical vegetal species

    Hardy orchid
    Bletilla striata

    A terrestrial Asian orchid, an outstanding plant known for its longevity probably due to its hardiness. Many hybrids exist but this one is one the last five original species living on earth. Very popular in China for its rhizomes and its applications in traditional medecine.

    chinese peony in mythical vegetal species

    Chinese peony
    Paeonia lactiflora, Paeoniaceae

    A floral myth, in all Asia, especially in China. With many subspecies natural and hybrid, the Chinese peony, like any peony has become an object of fascination in China. Symbol of wealth, beauty and feminity, it is a decoration pattern of reference.
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  • curry plant in mythical vegetal species

    Curry plant
    Helichrysum italicum

    A little Mediterranean flower that lies on the ground, a deep fragrance of curry, a rare and precious plant introduced in gardens, but its French name expresses immortality.
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  • edelweiss in mythical vegetal species

    Leontopodium alpinum

    In the 21st century, almost nobody can’t ignore the flower from the Alpine glaciers, that knows how to live in an extreme cold and harsh UV. Discovered in the 19th century, it is today recognised with its inimitable shape and for its health benefits all over the world. It is also the symbol of an imaginery Switzerland.

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  • japanese cherry tree in mythical vegetal species

    Japanese cherry tree
    Prunus serrulata

    In Japan the tree is a symbol for the spring renewal. Its delicate white to pink flowers that appear at the end of winter are celebrated in the whole country. An ornamental tree as it blossoms abundantly, but it is fragile as its flowers: it can’t live a long time. A good reason to take care of it.

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  • budha hand citron in mythical vegetal species

    Budha’s hand citron
    Citrus medica sarcodactylis

    A fruit with a mysterious shape, a subtile fragrance, and a shrub with a very complicated origin. All the ingredients to create a plant with an aura almost magical. Very popular that citron is cultivated in all Asia.

    desert rose in mythical vegetal species

    Desert rose
    Adenium obesum

    Precious because of its petals with a subtle shaded off colour and rare because of its impressive longevity, an ornemental plant with a caudex, ancient and very popular among collectors. It is an emblematic figure of the desert spaces in East Africa and of an Island out of time, Socotra.

    egyptian blue lily in mythical vegetal species

    Egyptian blue lily
    Nymphaea caerulea

    The God creator’s plant in the cosmogony of the ancient Egypt. Associated with death, as a symbol of the transition to the after life and rebirth, it is also an element of ornament used as a symbol of power.
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  • eucalyptus in mythical vegetal species

    Eucalyptus punctata

    One of the trees of the Dream Time, the story of the creation of the world for native Australian people; the tree that created the Blue Montains. It can modify an ecosystem by draining soils.

    ginkgo in mythical vegetal species

    Ginkgo biloba

    Tough witness to the human craziness in Hiroshima, this tree is revered as a good spirit in the Shinto religion in Japan. A universal Asian plant.

    madonna lily in mythical vegetal species

    Madonna lily
    Lilium candidum

    A symbol of purity, nobility and majesty since Ancient times thanks to its white colour. An elegant and intense fragrant flower. Its majestic shape has been celebrated by Western poets for many centuries.
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  • nopal in mythical vegetal species

    Opuntia ficus indica

    A precious cactus from the New World discovered by Mesoamerican civilizations that used it for its many benefits. It is one of the symbols of contemporary Mexico.
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  • olive tree in mythical vegetal species

    Olive tree
    Olea europea

    A symbol of peace and longevity, the Mediterranean area worships it for its medicinal uses since the Ancient times. A tree that knows how to survive after its own destruction.
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  • papyrus in mythical vegetal species

    Cyperus papyrus

    The plant that gives birth to the ancient and prestigious medium for writing: Pharaoh’s. Symbol of kingship in Low Egypt, in the Nile delta, its forests remind now imaginery.
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  • sacred lotus in mythical vegetal species

    Sacred lotus
    Nelumbo nucifera

    The sacred flower on the Asian continent, from India to Japan, from hinduism to buddhism. As a perfect symbol of purity, it is above tumult and ugliness.
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  • indian olibanum in mythical vegetal species

    Indian olibanum
    Boswellia serrata

    Growing in the East of Africa and the desert zones in the Arabian peninsula, it is the tree with the most famous resina: the frankincense. Used in religious rituals and Eastern traditional medicines since hundred years, it enchants the whole planet with its fragrances and its healing properties.

    sequoia in mythical vegetal species

    Sequoia sempervirens

    The age-old tree of the Native American ethnic groups from the West Coast of the United States, the ancestors’ tree. A tree like a phoenix, which uses fire to better reproduce itself.
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