The Familiar Ones

Medicinal plants, close to our everyday life, endemic or rare in their original environment. Plants essential to their ecosystem.


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Available plant species

Any active plant cells of the vegetal species below is available. These are precious, original plants, very inspiring ; some of them offer health properties well known since centuries.

four c’clock in familiar vegetal species

Four O’Clock
Mirabilis jalapa

A fragrant perennial tuberose, with multicoloured petals. That tropical flower opens at night thanks to an original internal clock. In remote zones from Central America to Nepal, its popularity comes also from its very diversifed medicinal properties.
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  • snow lotus in familiar vegetal species

    Snow lotus
    Saussurea involucrata

    A precious species that has been playing a big part in the traditional Chinese medicine since many years. A plant that can live in an extrem environment at 3000 meters of altitude in the remote montains of China and Tibet and with varied medicinal properties.
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  • almond tree in familiar vegetal species

    Almond tree
    Prunus amygdalus dulcis

    A tree with fruits full of benefits: nourishing, gustative and cosmetic. Its rich and deep fragance gave it recently a new and soft image.

    apple tree in familiar vegetal species

    Apple tree
    Malus domestica

    One of the most cultivated fruit trees in the world from Western to Eastern countries. The Golden Apples in the garden of Hesperides would have contain extraordinary properties, ours healing molecules.
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  • apricot in familiar vegetal species

    Prunus armeniaca

    Very early in the flowering time, a fruit tree become today universal. The taste and the flesh of its fruits made it popular beyond its zone of culture: the Mediterranean Basin.
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  • asian ginseng in familiar vegetal species

    Asian ginseng
    Panax ginseng

    Also called “ the root of life ”, it is one of the main plants of the traditional Chinese pharmacopia since hundreds years. An important medicinal plant known all over the world.
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  • blackberry in familiar vegetal species

    Rubus fruticosus

    A nourishing and protective bush with its fruits rich in anti-oxydative molecules. Thanks to its flowers full of nectar, it belongs to a family that attracts bees, therefore helps to the pollination of plants around

    california poppy in familiar vegetal species

    California poppy
    Eschscholtzia californica

    The golden flower symbol of California, The Golden State since 1903. The beauty of its colored fields and its many benefits for human beings have made it popular beyong its dedicated Reserve, the Antelope Valley Reserve in Los Angeles county.
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  • centella asiatica in familiar vegetal species

    Centella asiatica
    Centella asiatica

    As a first-class medicinal plant in the Ayurvedic and Chinese traditional medicines for many properties. A plant that is still studied by scientists nowadays.

    cherry tree in familiar vegetal species

    Cherry tree
    Prunus cerasus

    From jams to pies, its fruits became stars in cookery. And before fruits, in spring, the delicate flowers enchant the countryside landscapes in the Northern hemisphere.
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  • chinese hibiscus in familiar vegetal species

    Chinese hibiscus
    Hibiscus rosa sinensis

    A shape and a colour unforgettable. Now its is a flower not only famous in the tropics where it is born but also in all the gardens in the world. A plant both beautiful and useful.
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  • common juniper in familiar vegetal species

    Common juniper
    Juniperus communis

    A little unknown conifer from the Mediterranean area. Since the Greek and Roman Antiquity, its berries have been used for flavoring food and liquors thanks to its resinous and sour aroma. A familiar and precious shrub.
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  • cotton in familiar vegetal species

    Gossypium arboreum

    One of the textile plants whose intensive culture destroys the environment because it needs litres of water and because its vulnerability to insects has to be fought with pesticides.
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  • date palm in familiar vegetal species

    Date palm
    Phoenix dactilyfera

    The essential plant to the ecosystem of oasis. Today overexploited in Africa, it has to be protected because it can resist the arid, dry and hot climate of the desert.
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  • ginger in familiar vegetal species

    Zingiber officinale

    Coming from tropical Asia, it is a universal species, with several uses. From cooking to luxury perfume industry, the arom of its rhizoms brings a note both spicy and of a peel, original and unmistakable.

    hibiscus in familiar vegetal species

    Hibiscus syriacus
    Blue bird
    Hibiscus syriacus

    A young hybrid created in the fifties, very popular in gardens because of its blue mallow petals and its purple throat. As it belongs to the Malvacea family, its phytochemical characteristics should be interesting to study.
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  • indian kudzu in familiar vegetal species

    Indian kudzu
    Pueraria tuberosa

    As a food plant and a very popular medicinal species, that climber is famous in India and many Asian countries. But its celebrity in Ayurvedical preparations put it in danger in some Indian areas.

    pomegranate in familiar vegetal species

    Punica granatum

    A tree with afruit very famous from Western Asia to North Africa, but its origins have been forgotten, since it has been cultivated as far as California. Its pulp full of many pips is used in many ways in the cooking from India to Spain.

    red-flowered slik cotton tree in familiar vegetal species

    silk cotton tree
    Bombax costatum

    A tree born in West and Center Africa, its exceptional capacity to resist to drought and white threads, called “ kapok ”, make it today a plant to be reconsidered.
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  • saffron in familiar vegetal species

    Crocus sativus

    The most expensive spice in the world. A simple flower with rich colours from petals to etamins. A plant to be rediscovered.
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  • white water lily in familiar vegetal species

    White water lily
    Nymphaea alba

    The most simple white water lily, round and fine. As a symbol of calmness, it is an integral part of the aquatic universe.

    lilac in familiar vegetal species

    Syringa vulgaris

    Very popular in European gardens thanks to its decorative flowers with a subtil fragrance. A plant species a bit old fashioned nowadays but that should require our attention: it offers forgotten and undiscovered benefits.
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  • cocoa in familiar vegetal species

    Theobroma cacao

    Called beverage of gods by Linné, the French botanist, the cocoa, a fruit of a shrub growing in tropical forests in Central america gave birth to chocolate, a sacred food with many benefits used in Maya and Aztec civilizations. The subtility and the diversity of chocolate make it a complex flavour to create innovative food recipes and wellbeing applications.
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  • evening primrose in familiar vegetal species

    Evening primrose
    Oenothera biennis

    Coming from South America, with short-lived flowers, the nutritional wealth of its oil makes that plant a source of beauty and longevity. An edible plant with many benefits.

    vervain in familiar vegetal species

    Verbena officinalis

    An aromatic perennial plant with an esoteric image. Considered to have hidden powers, it was called Herb of the Cross or Devil’s Medicine already from Ancient Times. Vervain has become a leading medicinal plant in traditional European and Asian materia medica.

    strawberry tree in familiar vegetal species

    Strawberry tree
    Arbutus unedo

    A centennial shrub famous for its fruits in the whole Mediterranean area. A shrub famous for its eternal foliage, its tiny white flowers lighting the gloomy days in cold seasons. Ornamental and medicinal since many centuries, but always wilde.

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