The Aromatic Ones

Precious plants, some of them have been used in perfumery since centuries. Original fragrances and flavours; Vitis flower, the flower of vine, a vegetal species more known for its fruit, but which emanates a fragrance almost similar to reseda’s.


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Available plant species

Any active plant cells of the vegetal species below is available. These are precious, original plants, very inspiring ; some of them offer health properties well known since centuries.

vanilla in aromatic vegetal species

Vanilla planifolia

One of the most ancient and used flavour in the world. Coming from the tropical forests in Central America, that climbing orchid produces an aroma already used in the 15th century by the Aztec to flavour the drink they made with cocoa.

tea in aromatic vegetal species

Camellia sinensis

Born in the South East in the mountains from India to China, that shrub with precious leaves gave birth to one of the most popular drinks associated with rituals as originals, symbols of many civilizations.
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  • coffee in aromatic vegetal species

    Coffea arabica

    Born in East Africa and famous since the 16th century for the beverage we made from its fruit. Its culture puts the earth in danger because of pesticides that are used for it.
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  • apothecary's rose in aromatic vegetal species

    Apothecary’s rose
    Rosa gallica officinalis

    Another ancient rose, colored with a so dark pink that some call it red. In France, it is associated to crusaders legends, and it was very popular among apothecaries in the Middle Age because of its medicinal properties.
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  • commiphora in aromatic vegetal species

    Commiphora whigtii

    Its name doesn’t sound much to you, but its resin, myrrh, reminds you journeys in the East. A plant used in Ayurveda, one of the most ancient medicines.
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  • frangipani tree in aromatic vegetal species

    Frangipani tree
    Plumeria obtusa

    Famous in all the world thanks to its special fragrance coming from its flowers and fruits, it is also a medicinal plant. Because of the colour of its flowers, it is dedicated to gods in Eastern countries.

    gardenia in aromatic vegetal species

    Gardenia jasminoides

    A heady and sweet fragrance, evocating tuberose, but its characteristics are synthetically reproduced to create perfumes. A plant from Asia that can be found in any garden of the world for its beautiful spotlessly white flowers.

    great bougainvillea in aromatic vegetal species

    Great Bougainvillea
    Bougainvillea spectabilis

    A tropical climber from the Northern hemisphere, that plant with sparkling colorful flowers is cultivated to decorate our gardens and houses but hides many medicinal properties not much used today.
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  • indian jasmine in aromatic vegetal species

    Indian jasmine
    Jasminum sambac

    Flower of the Gods in India and in all Asia, the simplicity of its petals hides an exquisite perfume.
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  • pale rose in aromatic vegetal species

    Pale rose
    Rosa centifolia

    An ancient rose, modified in the 16th century by expert gardeners’ hands, with a luxuriant flowering. As its petals take part in creation of original fragrances, the plant offers also medicinal uses.
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  • peppermint in aromatic vegetal species

    Mentha piperita

    Already used in Ancient times to cure and perfume, this medicinal plant has been cultivated in the Middle Age in all Europe for its different benefits. It produces an essential oil always very popular.
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  • rose form damas in aromatic vegetal species

    Rose from Damas
    Rosa damascena

    The rose of perfumers and poets, which has a mysterious origin. An ancient rose symbol of the universal beauty.
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  • sweet iris in aromatic vegetal species

    Sweet iris
    Iris pallida

    A flower messenger of gods. The delicacy of its fragrance and its flowers made it essential to the contemporary perfume industry.
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  • vitis flower in aromatic vegetal species

    Vitis flower
    Vitis vinifera

    When the arom of wine comes from the fruit, the flower emanates a subtle but original fragrance. A plant dedicated to the Gods’ nectar in the Greek and Roman pantheons.
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  • white rose in aromatic vegetal species

    White rose
    Rosa alba

    An ancient hybrid rose, already known in the ancient times: it is another legendary rose, which mixes purity and beauty. Its first asset: its hardiness; it is frost-resistant and knows how to grow in the shadow.
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  • ylang ylang in aromatice vegetal species

    Ylang Ylang
    Cananga odorata

    The “ flower of flowers ” from the tropics has a complex and heady fragrance. From spicy and sweet perfumes of luxury brands to flowers adorning women’s hair in Pacific islands, it remains an original fragrance that sublimates the beauty of the two genders.
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  • tuberose in aromatice vegetal species

    Polianthes tuberosa

    A flower with a spellbinding and heady scent. The tuberose is an essential note in prestige perfumes but it can be sen as a threatened species. Born in Central america, the tuberose doesn’t grow spontaneously anymore ; only humans, thanks to their cultures are responsible for its survival on earth. A plant to be protected soon ?
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