cornflower flower in Inner Renewal [CC+AA] product by naolys

InnerRenewal [CC+AA]

Revitalizing damaged skin cells


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A vegetal story

High Tech Natural
Cornflower + Vitamin C

As a complete natural delivery system, plant cells can integrate a lot of molecules, including high tech and pharmaceutical molecules. Naolys created this new shell based on Cornflower cells delivering vitamin C (1%) to help key skin cells maintain their functions for longer, especially keeping the skin naturally firm.
Cornflowers are a wild herbaceous plant that often grows near cereals and attracts pollinating insects.
Vitamin C is a natural molecule that occurs in several varieties of fruits, such as citrus.

Skin cells are damaged all the time, specifically because of their exposure to free radicals that modify their structure, causing them to function less efficiently and ultimately affecting their DNA. Essentially, they are ageing rapidly. While we cannot stop oxidation, we can slow it down and stimulate the repair of cell functions, especially the fibroblasts.
This helps to keep skin firmer, with less wrinkles, and younger looking.

Marketing claims


Helps to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, especially crow’s feet (face).


Firming, enhanced suppleness, helps to relaunch collagen and GAG synthesis.


Increases epidermal cell renewal.


Limits damage caused by oxidative stress.

  • INCI name of shells: Centaurea cyanus callus extract
  • Aspect: liquid
  • Form: cells (20%) in glycerin or sunflower oil (80%)
  • Concentration: starting at 0.5%

How it works ?

Inner Renewal [CC+AA]: the cause of skin densification, in the heart of the dermis

Ageing first becomes apparent in our skin.

It sags, folds, forms fine lines and then wrinkles, and becomes drier and more sensitive. Our faces and entire bodies are affected by these changes.

The majority of these changes are in fact due to deterioration in the key layer of the skin: the dermis. The dermis is the intermediate layer under the epidermis (four times thicker) which nourishes the skin, protects the vascular network and nerve fibres, as well as containing the pilosebaceous system and the sweat glands. There is also connective tissue (in the deep and middle layers of the dermis). This tissue consists of an interlocking network of collagen fibres which create the scar tissue to repair cuts or abrasions, and elastic fibres that enable the skin to stretch; fibres that are synthesized by the most common type of cell in the dermis: the fibroblasts.

At birth, the skin is tight, smooth and without wrinkles.

If it changes, it is because the fibroblasts have changed, becoming damaged and reduced in number by the daily oxidation, that in the first place is generated by our own bodies. They then no longer manufacture enough collagen fibres and support substances such as the proteins that hold water, for example hyaluronic acid. The epidermis is then no longer sufficiently irrigated by the dermis, and also deteriorates.
To slow down the ageing process in the dermis, it is therefore necessary to act on these cells and support their general operation.

Young and older skin

diagram of young and older skin

Inner Renewal [CC+AA]: maintaining the health of fibre-producing and support cells for better skin quality

Increasing the presence and efficiency of fibroblasts

Like all human cells, dermis cells are attacked by free radicals generated by “physiological" oxidation, i.e. that comes from respiration and stress, every day, and every night. Furthermore, with age, they multiply less and less. They are therefore less able to function properly.

Inner Renewal [CC+AA] improves fibroblast function by protecting them from physiological oxidative stress and by stimulating their multiplication.

Increase the skin’s firmness

If the number of fibroblasts decreases and they are damaged by attacks from free radicals, they manufacture less collagen and less water-bearing molecules, and so the dermis sags and becomes susceptible to wrinkles.

Inner Renewal [CC+AA] restores the synthesis of components essential to the skin’s firmness: collagens fibres and polysaccharides.

Improves the density and suppleness of the epidermis

Above the dermis, the epidermis is the outer layer of the skin that we see. Its quality is also essential for the skin’s general firmness. With age, it renews itself more slowly, hydration becomes less efficient and the skin has a rough appearance.

Inner Renewal [CC+AA] relaunches the proliferation of keratinocytes, essential for the skin’s density and surface hydration.

Thanks to its targeted action in the heart of the dermis, Inner Renewal [CC+AA] enables the skin to retain a younger, less wrinkled appearance.

Clinical study

An anti wrinkle effect on the face

Decrease of wrinkles on the face after 28 days (application twice a day)
  • Decrease of the length of wrinkles of 21%
  • Decrease of the total wrinkle area of 18%
  • Decrease of the number of wrinkles of 16%
Declaration of the women in the panel
  • 96% of women reported that their skin was firmer
  • 95% of women reported that their skin was more toned
  • 88% of women reported that their wrinkles were reduced
Study details

Tests were carried out for 28 days on a sample of 20 women aged 42 to 63 years. Assessment made by analysis of cutaneous prints (Quantirides®). Application twice a day. Emulsion with 0.5% of Inner Renewal [CC+AA](20% shells).

Assessment of the anti-wrinkles effect by cutaneous replicats and image analysis
(Quantirides® software)

graph of assessment of anti-wrinkle effect