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All Even Sweet iris

Increasing skin density


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The story

The sweet iris, a plant with a sacred fragrance

Iris pallida, Iridaceae

As a sun plant, the sweet Iris grows naturally in South Europe and in North Africa on limestone soils. Its name comes from a goddess from the Greek and Roman pantheon: Iris was the messenger of gods. Sacred plant in the ancient Egypt, it is cultivated for its original fragrance and its health properties since Antiquity - first its rhizomes. With that species as a heart note, a big family of perfumes was created in Western countries. The great popularity of iris in Europe in the19th century inspired also painters. They glorified them in many paintings.

Because skin loses little by little its density when ageing, it is necessary to keep the production of skin fibers at a good level. For a skin firmer, more elastic, more resistant and with less wrinkles.

Marketing claims

Anti-ageing & anti-wrinkles

Firming, redensifiying, helps to decrease the creation of wrinkles, reinforces skin resistance, keeps skin firm, smooth and soft, regenerating, restructurating, repulping.

Use advice

In skincare and make-up products like cream, fluid, serum, balm, lotion, milk, foundation, concealer...

In any cosmetic or skincare product dedicated to fight skin damages due to cell ageing and to prevent them

  • INCI name : Iris pallida leaf cell extract
  • Form : Cells (20%) dispersed in vegetal glycerine (80%)
  • Aspect : Liquid
  • Concentration : Starting at 0.5%
  • Dispersible in any formulation

How it works ?

All Even Sweet iris acts on consequences of natural ageing at the conjunctive level of the dermis and the upper layer of the epidermis. Then, at the level of the dermis, the active will stimulate the synthesis of constituents of the extra-cell matrix - collagens, glycosaminoglycans, elastin and proteoglycans - while limiting the action of the enzyme that destroys them. In the same time, it helps to regenerate the epidermis in a well-balanced way by increasing the production and the differenciation of the cells of the epidermis, that slows down with ageing too. Thanks to those associated actions, the two skin layers can get back their density and their global balance, therefore limit the creation of wrinkles.

Clinical study

Anti-wrinkle effect after 28 days of treatment (face)
  • Decrease of the total surface by 24%
  • Decrease of the number of wrinkles by 19%
  • Decrease of the length of wrinkles by 26%
After 28 days of treatment (face)
  • 80% of women declared that their wrinkles seem to have decreased

Anti-wrinkle effect test

graph of anti-wrinkles effect test
Study details

Testing made on 20 women during 28 days | Assessment of anti-wrinkle effect by analysis of cutaneous prints (Quantirides) | Emulsion with 0.1% of All Even Sweet iris (powder)

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