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Our latest innovations !

Naolys launches new products several times a year. They will be posted on our website. So, come and discover them !

  • April 2019: Optimum Life Angelica

    Back to basics
    Optimum Life Angelica focuses on basic cell activities, to get an anti-ageing effect respectful of the skin metabolism, and thanks to a European wonderful species : angelica, well known since the Middle age. All the results to be discovered here : More information
  • November 2018: MReload Sequoia

    Not only women take care of their skin, men do as well ! Thanks to Naolys and MReload Sequoia, cells from the Califonia mythical tree, they can limit ageing effects everyday to get a skin firmer, better protected with less wrinkles in only 28 days. Product benefits with results here: More information
  • April 2018: Healthy Perfection (Vitis flower)2

    Against chronic or temporary skin imperfections the new concept of Naolys sister cells brings radiance and uniformity to skin in 28 days. Made with two varieties of grape, those new cells, Healthy Perfection (Vitis flower)2, restructure skin in a short and a long term by speeding the healing process and strenghtening natural skin defenses. Discover all the results here: More information
  • November 2017: EtHAIReal Peppermint

    Soothing and regulating oily hair and scalp is the new mission of our brand new active made with peppermint, EtHAIReal Peppermint. After 28 days of treatment, peppermint cells limit significantly the dull and oily aspect of hair. Discover all the results here: More information
  • April 4th 2017: LightWaves Defense [JS+M]

    Discover a full protection against sun damage. LightWaves Defense [JS+M] at the beginning of a new generation of multi protective active with Indian jasmine cells including Υ-mangosteen. After 28 days of treatment, aging signs decrease on the face. All the in vitro and clinical tests are here: More information
  • November 15th 2016: Refine Ginger

    With Refine Ginger skins get their original skin structure again. Ginger cells decrease pore size, matify skin for a more homogeneous complexion in 28 days. All the results of the clinical study and the in vitro studies More information
  • April 12th 2016: Overnight Enhance [MJ+C]

    Discover Overnight Enhance [MJ+C], the new plant cell complex by Naolys for skins at night. Made with Four O’Clock cells and caffeine inside, that innovative shell will improve complexion’s radiance by activating its night time metabolism, after the first night of treatment. All in vitro tests results and clinical results after one night and after 28 days here. More information
  • November 17th 2015: Smooth Lightening White rose

    New tests for that glam and classic Smooth Lightening White rose. Radiance proven by a clinical study during 28 and 56 days. More information
  • April 14th 2015: InitialE [PT+TMG]

    A new plant cell complex for eye contour: InitialE [PT+TMG], made with tuberose cells including betaine (trimethylglycine). It helps to decrease the 3 main modifications apppearing in the eye contour: dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles, proven by a clinical study during 30 days and in vitro testing results. More information
  • November 3rd 2014: Healthy Shine Lilac

    Healthy Shine Lilac: new balancing cells from lilac for hair and scalp. Multifunction cells – soothing, energizing and antioxidant, they repair hair in 28 days. For healthy hair. More information
  • March 31st 2014: HydraSourcing [AM+PS]

    HydraSourcing [AM+PS], a new hydrating plant cell complex made with Argemone mexicana cells with natural polysaccharides inside. Hydrating, regenerating and lipid-restoring activities proven by a clinical study and in vitro studies. More information here
  • October, 29th 2013: Inside Light Poets' narcissus

    Inside Light Poets' narcissus, new brightening plant cells from a European white flower, the Poet’s narcissus. Poet’s narcissus plant cells decrease blemishes and spots on face in 28 days. More information here
  • April 16th 2013: Power Extension [HSB+R]

    Power Extension [HSB+R], an innovative anti-ageing plant cell complex, made with Hibiscus Syriacus Bluebird cells with rutin inside. Anti-ageing activity through stimulation of cell metabolism. More information
  • April 13th 2013: Purify Apothecary's Rose

    Purifying and balancing active plant cells from the Apothecary's Rose. Discover new benefits from ancient red rose cells for a soft regulating effect in the epidermis. More information

What's new about us ?

Naolys participates in numerous events and trade shows around the world. Here are the next dates :

  • May 5-6, 2020 – Suppliers’Day, NYC, USA

    Green and clean. Naolys active ingredients are a must have in any today’s cosmetic products. Come and discover the ranges and applications ideas Naolys will show on the booth #1580 and Azelis booths, #1201 for DeWolf and #1731 for Glenn.
    More information:www.nyscc.org.
  • March 31st - April 2nd, 2020 – InCosmetics Global, Barcelona, Spain

    InCosmetics is 30 years old, Naolys 17. To create new ecofriendly and innovative cosmetic products, come and discover Naolys concepts and technologies on #32, French pavillion.
    More information:www.in-cosmetics.com.
  • January, 14-15 2020 – Cosmetagora, Paris, France

    For new and innovative concepts in skincare, make up and haircare, the whole range of Naolys active ingredients to be discovered at Cosmetagora, booth #26, January 14-15, in Paris.
    More information:www.cosmetagora.fr.
  • November, 20-21, 2019 – Making Cosmetics, Milan, Italy

    Because make up is as important as skincare to enhance your beauty, discover Naolys actives ranges to improve your make up products on Carlo Sessa booth #815, our exclusive distributor in Italy.
    More information:www.making-cosmetics.it.
  • November, 12-13, 2019 – SCS Formulate, Coventry, UK

    If you want to innovate, create, modernize and revamp your formulae with new active ingredients, easy to use , as in many forms, come and discover Naolys ranges on Unifect’s booth, Naolys’ exclusive distributor in UK, #208.
    More information: www.scsformulate.co.
  • November 2019 – InCosmetics Asia, Bangkok

    Anti-ageing, radiance and anti-pollution, different and unique by Naolys. Come and discover our products on Summit’s booth #H50, during InCosmetics Asia.
    More information:www.asia.in-cosmetics.com.
  • October 2019 – Cosmetorium, Barcelona – SEPAWA, Berlin

    The same week come and discover Naolys ranges in Europe. In Barcelona, with Quimibios, booth #159, at Cosmetorium (23-24 October). And in Berlin, with The Cosmetic Box, booth #C525, at the SEPAWA (23-25 October).
    More information:
  • October 2019 – Suppliers’Day, Long Beach, California

    High tech actives, rare species, unusual biological targets. Discover all Naolys ranges to create always more innovative cosmetic products - Convention Center, October 2 & 3. Booth N°305.
    More information:www.caliscc.org.
  • September 2019 – Glenn events, Minneapolis and Chicago

    Naolys is coming to Midwest. With our partner GLENN (Azelis America) discover Naolys ranges and applications for skincare, haircare and make up, September 24 (Minneapolis, Double Tree by Hilton Minneapolis Park Place) and 26 (Chicago, Hilton Suites Chicago Oakbrook/Oakbrook Terrace).
    More information:
  • September 2019 – InCosmetics LATAM, Sao Paolo

    Natural active make up range, haircare actives, 2019 anti ageing active to be discovered on Chemspecs’ booth - L10 - Naolys’ partner in Brazil, Innovation zone and Spotlight zone at InCosmetics LATAM, September 18-19. More information:www.latinamerica.in-cosmetics.com.
  • July 2019 – Cosmotech Expo India, New Delhi, Pragati Maidan

    Naolys comes back to Cosmotech expo, July 22 and 23. Make up and skincare applications with active ingredients always different and always unique. To be discovered on Parkash Dye Chem stand #84, Hall 11. More information:www.cosmotechexpoindia.com.
  • June 2019 – Cosmetic Business, Munich

    To discover sustainable innovations by Naolys, active ingredients and natural active make up range, visit The Cosmetic Box booth (Hall 2, A02) at Cosmetic Business, MOC, Munich, June, 5-6.. More information:www.cosmetic-business.com.
  • June 2019 – InCosmetics Korea, Seoul

    Active make up and a new concept of anti-ageing active cells made by Naolys at Activon, booth #H50, at InCosmetics Korea (COEX, 26-28 June). More information:www.korea.in-cosmetics.com.
  • May 2019 – FCE Cosmetique, Sao Paolo

    Naolys plays a key part in the Future of beauty this week in Sao Paolo. Come and discover all the Naolys active ranges on Chemspecs booth (Hall 1 stand I065), our distributor, at the FCE trade show, May 21-23. More information:www.fcecosmetique.com.
  • May 2019 – Cite Japan, Yokohama

    If you look for innovative and sustainable active ingredients in your new developments, come and visit Naolys with MUMUSIKI at Cite Japan (15-17 May) in Yokohama - Pacifico, booth B2-10. More information:www.citejapan.info.
  • May 2019 – Suppliers’Day, NYC

    Plant cells are as green as the big apple. Come and discover the sustainable Naolys range to develop innovative cosmetic products. Visit us at Suppliers’Day (May 7-8, Javits Center, NYC) booth#502, or at DeWolf (Azelis group) booth #501, our exclusive distributor on the East coast. More information:www.nyscc.org/suppliers-day.
  • April 2019 – InCosmetics Global, Paris

    Naolys active plant cells are a must, InCosmetics Global in Paris, 2-4 April, as well. Come and discover all our range and innovative and green applications in color cosmetics on our booth P51. More information:www.in-cosmetics.com.
  • February 2019 – PCHI 2019, Guangzhou

    The new year starts with new ideas in colour cosmetics at Naolys on the PCHI trade show, 26-28 February 2019, Guangzhou Poly World Trade Center. Discover more applications on our booth 4F25. More information:www.pchi-china.com.
  • January 2019 – Cosmetagora, Paris

    A great start with Naolys at Cosmetagora show, in Paris, 15-16 January, Espace Champerret, booth #156. More information:www.cosmetagora.fr.
  • November 2018 - Making Cosmetics, Italy

    To create innovative cosmetics, come and discover Naolys innovations at Making Cosmetics, booth #823 (Carlo SESSSA), 21-22 november, Milano. More information:www.making-cosmetics.it.
  • November 2018 - SCS Formulate, UK

    To discover our new active cells dedicated to men, visit us at SCS Formulate, Coventry, 13-14 november, stand #221 with UNIFECT. More information:www.scsformulate.co.uk.
  • November 2018 - InCosmetics Asia, Bangkok

    To infuse new ideas on the Asian and Australian markets, visit Naolys at InCosmetics Asia, in Bangkok, October 30-November 1st. We’ll be at Summit booth, G40. More information:www.asia.in-cosmetics.com.
  • October 2018 – SEPAWA, Berlin

    To combine fragrances and biotech actives, look at Naolys range at SEPAWA Congress, onThe Cosmetic Box Booth (B300), Berlin, 10-12 October. More information: www.sepawa-congress.de.
  • August 2018

    New edition of Cosmetorium, Barcelona, discover the whole Naolys range at Quimibios, our distributor in Spain, booth #154, September 26-27, Palau de congressos, Fira 1, Monjuïc. More information:www.cosmetorium.es.
  • July 2018

    New continent, new world for Naolys. Discover all our products at InCosmetics Latin America, Sao Paolo, Expo Center Norte, September 19-20, booth #H73. More information: www.latinamerica.in-cosmetics.com.
  • June 2018

    To answer the new needs of the Indian cosmetic fast moving market, discover all the Naolys range at CosmotechExpo, on Parkash Die Chem / International booth #93, our distributor, in New Delhi, India, August 23-24. More information: www.cosmotechexpoindia.com.
  • May 2018

    Naolys is back in Seoul for InCosmetics Korea, 13-15 June, COEX, Hall C. Come and discover all the Naolys ranges on the booth #H40 Activon’s booth, our distributor in Korea. More information: www.korea.in-cosmetics.com.
  • March 2018

    For the second edition of Suppliers’Day in NYC (15-16 May, Javits Convention Center, Manhattan), Naolys will present its new products on the booth #1337. Discover also all Naolys range on DeWolf’s booth (#1311), our new partner on the East Coast of the USA. More information on: nyscc.org/suppliers-day.
  • January 2018

    Always something new: A new launch and always more applications to be discovered at Naolys at Incosmetics Global (Amsterdam, 17-19 April), French pavilion, booth J40. All the information here: in-cosmetics.com.
  • January 2018

    Made for skincare, make up and haircare, the all Naolys range to be discovered on the trade show PCHI (Shanghaï, China, 19-21 March), booth 1M46. More information on the PCHI website: pchi-china.com.
  • November 2017

    At Cosmetagora show, discover and select your next star active ingredients in Naolys range. Come to our booth #139, 9-10 January 2018, Porte de Champerret (Paris, France). More information here cosmetagora.fr.
  • September 2017

    Discover the whole Naolys range including its 2017 new products at SCS Formulate, Coventry - UK, November 14th and 15th on UNIFECT stand. Visit us stand #514. More information here scsformulate.co.uk.
  • August 2017

    Naolys @Suppliers'Day 2017, Long Beach, CA, USA, the Trade show on the West Coast, october 25th and 26th, Long Beach Convention Centre, Hall A. Visit us booth#307 and discover all our innovative ranges of plant cells. More information here cvent.com.
  • May 2017

    Active plant cells from Asian plants and many others to discover at InCosmetics Korea, stand E48, Hall B, COEX, Seoul, 20-22 June 2017. More information at korea.in-cosmetics.com.
  • April 2017

    Naolys is back in Yokohama for CITE JAPAN, May 31st to June 2nd 2017. Come and discover our full range of active plant cells on booth B1-4. More information on: www.citejapan.info
  • March 2017

    Naolys will be happy to see you in the Big Apple. Come and visit us at Suppliers’Day in Manhattan, @Jacob K. Davits Convention Center, NYC, May 2nd and 3rd, booth#1332. More information here: nyscc.org/suppliersday
  • February 2017

    Come and discover an endless amount of options with Naolys @InCosmetics Global, London, 4-6 April 2017. We are waiting for you on the booth CC11. More information on: in-cosmetics.com
  • January 2017

    Come and celebrate the year of the rooster with Naolys on the PCHI trade show, 21-23 February, on booth 4F50 (Hall 4) in Guangzhou. You will find new ideas for your brand thanks to our unique range of active ingredients. More information here: pchi-china.com
  • November 2016

    New year, new ideas with Naolys at Cosmetagora. Booth #110, 10-11 January 2016, Porte de Champerret. More information here: cosmetagora.fr
  • July 2016

    You will find the whole Naolys range including its 2016 new products at SCS Formulate, Coventry - UK, November 15th and 16th on UNIFECT stand. Visit us stand #214. More information here: scsformulate.co.uk
  • April 2016

    Meet Naolys @InCosmetics Korea, July 6th and 7th, Hall B, COEX, Seoul. Come and visit us stand F59 and discover Naolys innovations. More information here
  • March 2016

    Naolys back to Suppliers'Day 2016, Edison, NJ, USA The Trade show on the East Coast, May, 10 & 11, NJ Expo & Convention Centre. Visit us booth#1108. More information here
  • March 2016

    Naolys @InCosmetics Europe, 12-14 April 2016. Discover Naolys new innovative products, booth D61. More information on: in-cosmetics.com
  • January 2016

    Meet Naolys in Shanghaï on the PCHI trade show, 1-3 March 2016, on booth M29. Come and discover all our active ingredients made from the famous TCM plants. More information at: pchi-china.com
  • November 2015

    Come and start 2016 with Naolys at Cosmetagora. Booth #118, 12-13 January 2016, Porte de Champerret. More information at: cosmetagora.fr
  • October 2015

    All the Naolys range to discover at the SCS Formulate, Coventry, UK November 17 & 18, 2015. Find Naolys on UNIFECT booth #429. And attend our conference Tuesday 17th at 11.15 am Room B. More information : scsformulate.co.uk
  • September 2015

    Naolys @Suppliers'Day 2015, Long Beach, CA, USA The Trade show on the West Coast, october 14th and 15th, Long Beach Convention Centre, Hall A Visit us booth#427. More information here cvent.com
  • May 2015

    Naolys @InCosmetics Korea in Seoul, 15-16 June 2015. Discover Naolys new innovative products on booth B64. More information on n-cosmeticskorea.com
  • May 2015

    For the first time, Naolys will exhibit at CITE JAPAN, Yokohama, 3-5 June 2015. Come and discover Naolys range on booth C0-8. More information on citejapan.info
  • March 2015

    Naolys @Suppliers'Day 2015, Edison, NJ, USA. The Trade show on the East Coast, May, 12 & 13, NJ Expo & Convention Centre. Visit us booth#1372. More information here nyscc.org
  • January 2015

    Naolys @InCosmetics Europe in Barcelona, 14-16 April 2015. Discover Naolys new innovative products, booth 6L52, French pavillion. More information on in-cosmetics.com
  • November 2014

    Naolys @Making Cosmetics, 25-26 November 2015, in Milan, Italy.Discover our new active plant cells on stand #57. More information on making-cosmetics.it
  • November 2014

    Naolys @SCS Formulate, Coventry, UK, 11-12 November.Visit us booth #730 and discover our range of active plant cells. More information on scsformulate.co.uk
  • July 2014

    Naolys @InCosmetics Asia 2014, Bangkok, Thailand, 4-6 November. Visit us booth K15, French Pavillion and discover our new products. More information on in-cosmeticsasia.com
  • April 2014

    Naolys @Suppliers'Day 2014, Edison, NJ, USA. The Trade show on the East Coast, May, 13 & 14, NJ Expo & Convention Centre Visit us booth#1666.More information
  • January 2014

    @InCosmetics Hamburg, 1-3 April. Discover Naolys new innovative products, booth 3G57, French pavillion. More information on in-cosmetics.com
  • September 2013

    Naolys @InCosmetics Asia 2013, Bangkok, Thailand, 29-31 October. Visit us booth L13, French Pavillion and discover our new products. More information
  • August 2013

    Naolys @Suppliers'Day 2013, Long Beach, CA, USA. The Trade show on the West Coast, September 24th and 25th, , Long Beach Convention Centre, Hall A Visit us booth#934. More information
  • April 19th 2013

    Naolys @Cosmetic Business 2013, München, June 13th & 14th. Visit us booth #B16, Hall#1, MOC München. More information
  • April 16th 2013

    Naolys @Suppliers'Day 2013, Edison, NJ, USA. The Trade show on the East Coast, May, 14 & 15, NJ Expo & Convention Centre Visit us booth#912. More information
  • April 14th 2013

    New identity, new website. Discover Naolys new identity, new logo and baseline, expressing a positioning based on the infinity of products Naolys technology can develop today. Browse inside our new website, download information you need or contact us directly by email
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